Confidential Psychotherapy .

The Method

Who is Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy for?

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy can help with a range of problems that can negatively influence a person’s life & well-being, for example:

• Anxiety

• Loneliness

• Obsessional thoughts & behaviours

• Stress

• Work-related trauma

• Depression

• Bereavement & Loss

• Relationship difficulties

• Feelings of confusion

• Low self-esteem

• Eating disorders

• Negative body image

• Childhood trauma

• Parenting difficulties

• Fostering & Adoption

• Phobias

• Trauma

• Identity issues

Confidentiality & GDPR

Everything spoken about within the practice will be treated as confidential. No information is collected or stored during psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Therefore, client information cannot be subpoenaed to court. Contact information is only used to facilitate the therapeutic process.